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“Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, penetrates walls to arrive at its destination full of hope.”
— Maya Angelou

Healthy marriages begin with good preparation. Premarital Counseling does more than help couples get ready for marriage. It provides training in communication and conflict resolution skills.

Premarital counseling teaches healthy ways to handle conflict in relationships. It focuses on seeing concerns with the relationship before they get out of control. This helps couples deal with finances and intimacy concerns.

What does a premarital counseling therapist do? A premarital therapist helps the couple identify areas of strengths and too strengths in their relationship. Using tools and worksheets from the Prepare and Enrich program and Gottman Method, the Premarital Counselor will listen, facilitate, and provide specific tools to enhance the relationship and prepare the couple for marriage.

Premarital Counseling

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If you want to prepare your relationship for marriage, I work with couples and can help your relationship. My office is located in Tigard, and I serve clients in the surrounding areas.

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  • Understanding self and partners values
  • Explore parenting styles
  • Work on integrating self into partners' family
  • Safe space to fix future concerns quicker
  • Learn how to create stronger bonds
  • Hear and share needs for the relationship
  • Learn active listening and communication skills
  • People learn how to grow together
  • Learn to move from “I” to “We” thinking
  • It gives couples a safe space to see their strengths and areas to change
  • Helps heal past pains

Benefits to Premarital Counseling

Marriage, Couples, and Premarital Counseling:
$120.00-155.00/ Session
Payment is required at the beginning of each session, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

Premarital Counseling Rates

The Prepare and Enrich program used helps point out strengths and weaknesses. Mastering these tools creates a better communication thus stopping fights.

Couple’s learn de-escalation tools and calming skills. Several skills from this program helps couples have difficult talks. Empathy builds a stronger marriage because the couple learn how to raise one another up.

These skills are needed to overcome difficult times because the couple learns how to work together.

Premarital counseling focuses on learning how to lean into a concern thus talking openly about thoughts and feelings. Learning ways to agree and setting good goals.

Couples spend countless hours making sure all the arrangements for their wedding are perfect. What about learning about future spouse’s hopes and dreams?

Premarital counseling is the place to explore these ideas along with values, weaknesses, and strengths. We also address family planning and parenting styles. It’s also an opportunity to heal any past wounds from other relationships. It's a safe space in which honesty, safety, and trust are nurtured.

What the couple learns

Cancellations must be made 24-48 hours in advance to avoid full charges.

Cancellation Policy

Clients wishing to use their insurance will be provided a Statement of Service so they may bill their insurance company directly. Please note the reimbursable amount is set by the insurance company.


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Typical session length is 50 minutes. Pillars of Hope Counseling also offers 90 minute sessions for couples who may need longer times. Family sessions are 90 minutes.


Each premarital session focuses on a different topic. These topics often become marital issues if not dealt with before the wedding ceremony. Not every topic can be discussed in counseling but many common ones can be talked through thus reducing conflicts. Below are a few common topics.

Common Session Types

Couples identify how they handle stress and create skills tailored to the couple, which helps lessen tension and avoids a fight.

Marriage can bring stress. Each person has their own way of coping with stress. It’s important to know how one spouse deals with stress because if one partner needs to talk out loud and the other goes quiet, conflict may arise. 

Handling Stress

Conflict can occur when your partner fails to share important details about their debts and finances. Finding out after the marriage about a past due payments or unpaid parking tickets creates anger for the other partner.

Spending money leads to many arguments because each partner has their own thoughts, habits, and attitudes about money. The couple need to think about whether to put their money together or keep it separate. 

Family Finances

Would adoption be an option? Who would stay home as the primary caregiver? Talking through these concerns before it happens teaches couples basic communication skills, such as problem solving.

Talking about kids before the marriage takes place is an important aspect of premarital counseling. Many couples do talk about children but thoughts about how many and when may change as the relationship grows. What if the couple learns they cannot have children naturally?

Family Planning

3 Building Blocks To A Successful Marriage or Relationship

Deciding to do premarital counseling is a solid step in taking that special journey with the right person. To learn more about Premarital Counseling or start the process, request an appointment, email me, text or call me directly at 503-841-2142.

Next Steps

A secret to a happy marriage is working on issues before getting married, such as culture, and parenting styles before they become harmful. Learning to see partners' views even when the couple disagrees, makes for a good marriage.

Premarital counseling helps couples create the best relationship together. For information on relationships read my article 3 Building Blocks To A Successful Marriage or Relationship.

Keys to a Happy Marriage

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