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Life can be chaotic and challenging. Balancing work, family, relationships, education can be tough. It can feel like spinning around and around endlessly. Therapy helps people get off the merry-go-round. Located in Tigard, I serve clients in the Lake Oswego and Portland, OR area with individual and couples counseling, and I can help you work through a variety of difficult life concerns.

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Being part of a couple takes patience and understanding. It is being willing to see each partner’s perspective even when disagreeing with the idea or wish.

Couples Counseling teaches effective ways to communicate. Explore love languages. Uncovers strengthens. 

Couples Counseling

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Outside forces can create stress at any point in our lives. Individual Mental Health Counseling focuses on challenges or concerns individuals face. It is an opportunity to combat anxiety.

Learn how to work through depression and anxiety. Learn new communication skills. Figure out what brings joy. Create goals. Improve quality of life.

Mental Health Counseling

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Marriages take time, energy, and effort. It is about taking life’s journey together. Marriage counseling builds emotional intimacy.

Builds a stronger sense of trust. Provides tools to reduce conflict and increases compromise. Heals past and present wounds. Creates long-lasting relationships.

Marriage Counseling

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Pillars of Hope Counseling is about courage, trust, and strength. It takes courage to recognize the need or desire for help. Trust to explore a variety of opportunities and build healthy relationships. Strength to rise above challenges and change. These are the pillars we all possess but often don’t see in ourselves.

My mission as a therapist is to help people build the life and relationships they desire. My counseling approach is one of compassion, collaboration, and creativity. 

I create a safe space for all clients, and I provide individualized treatment based on each individual or couple’s needs. I will encourage and teach skills. Together will craft a brighter future.

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My office is located in Tigard, OR, and I serve clients in Lake Oswego, Beaverton, Hillsboro, Tualatin, Canby, Oregon City, Wilsonville, McMinville, and Portland.

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