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An anxiety disorder is a persistent and continuous worry that gets worse over time. A person experiencing generalized anxiety, the most common anxiety disorder, frequently is unable to focus on anything beyond one specific concern. This could be personal or job related. All thoughts and actions revolve around that specific issue. 

An Anxiety Therapist or a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist helps clients with anxiety by listening to the concern. Helping the client see the intrusive thought and providing specific tools to combat the anxiety. Anxiety help may be learning how to redirect the brain or learning mindfulness tools.

Roughly 40 million Americans live with anxiety. Women are three times more likely to have anxiety than men (Anxiety Depression Society of America, 2018).

Feeling some anxiety is normal in specific situations. It becomes a problem when all energy and thoughts are directed towards a specific event or situation. These thoughts become negative and harmful. If need help with your anxiety, I can help. My office is located in Tigard, and I serve clients in the surrounding areas.

What is an anxiety disorder?

Experiencing rapid heartbeats? Feeling worried or scared? Unable to control thoughts? 
That might be anxiety.


Anxiety Counseling

“Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do.”
—Benjamin Spock

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Typical session length is 50 minutes. Pillars of Hope Counseling also offers 90 minute sessions for couples who may need longer times. Family sessions are 90 minutes.


  • Racing heart
  • Sweaty palms
  • Feeling hot and cold
  • Hard to breathe
  • Being tired
  • Muscles feel heavy 
  • Shaky movements
  • Unable to focus
  • Feelings of danger or fear
  • Wanting to leave a place or event
  • Too many thoughts coming in at once

Common Symptoms of Anxiety

Therapy helps change harmful thoughts into positive thoughts. Learning what causes anxiety is one of the first steps in reducing nervousness.

Counselors work with individuals to develop skills to decrease anxieties. The goal is to change unhealthy thinking. This is done by creating tools to reframe automatic negative thoughts into happy feelings.

 Learn how to calm the body and quiet the brain.

Benefits Of Anxiety Therapy

Not every person experiences anxiety in the same way.

Anxiety is both physical and emotional. Many people describe anxiety as an inability to breathe. Feeling restless. Unable to quiet their brain or to think about anything else.

It can feel scary, such as being stuck at the top of a roller coaster.

Most everyone, at some point in their life, feels anxious about an event or situation. Anxiety is a future oriented state that began long before the symptoms were noticed.

What Anxiety Feels Like

Types of anxiety

Seeking help for anxiety takes courage and strength. To learn more or start the process, request an appointment, email me, or text or call directly at 503-841-2142

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Worrying all the time even when there is nothing to worry about. Find it hard to complete simple tasks.

Generalized Anxiety

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Doing the same action many times in a row, such as washing hands or turning on and off a light switch.

Obsessive Compulsive

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A sudden overwhelming fear when no danger is present. It can feel like a heart attack. Occurs any time without notice.

Panic Attacks

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Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

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Caused by living through or hearing about a terrifying event, such as running away from a wild animal. It often involves nightmares, flashbacks, and racing thoughts.

Being fearful of saying or doing the wrong thing in front of other people. Being shy or quiet may be a sign of social anxiety.

Social Anxiety

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How Anxiety Counseling Helps

To learn more or start the process, request an appointment, email me, or text or call directly at 503-841-2142

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Requires an individual to focus their thoughts on a happy place. Looking at harmful thoughts and replacing them with positives works well because it stops worrisome ideas.

Guided Imagery

Focus on letting worries go. This can be done through breathing which creates calmness because the heart slows. Becoming more aware of thoughts and feelings reduces stress.

Mindfulness Exercises

Is most commonly used to treat anxiety. It focuses on identifying unhelpful thoughts and turning them into healthy thoughts.

Learn about CBT

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

Therapy reduces anxiety in two ways. First, people begin to understand the causes of their anxiety. This is done by focusing on triggers. Secondly, people learn coping skills to reduce anxiety in the moment. This decreases future episodes of anxiety. 

Anxiety Treatments

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  • More intense and escalated fights
  • Fights lasting longer
  • It doesn’t feel like both partners are on the same page
  • Sexual fulfillment has changed or decreased
  • Finding it harder and harder to trust partner
  • Not sure how to move to the next steps in the relationship
  • Having issues or concerns about partners family or friends

One technique many people find useful is to ask themselves what they know to be true about themselves in the situation that causes anxiety. Becoming aware of your strengths and focusing on positives creates calmness. It quiets unhealthy thoughts that lead to a high sense of fear.

Trying one or more of these tips helps stop the worries because we have something else to think about. To learn more tricks to reduce anxiety read my article: How to Reduce Anxiety

Tips To Reduce Anxiety

Deciding to get counseling is a brave thing to do. To learn more or start the process, request an appointment, email me, or text or call directly at 503-841-2142

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