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In-person or Virtual Options are Available | Now Accepting New Clients

(503) 841-2142

Marriage, Couples, and Premarital Counseling:
$120.00-155.00/ Session
Payment is required at the beginning of each session, unless special arrangements are made in advance.

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A romantic relationship offers a chance to connect with another person at a deeper level than friendship. As a result, feelings of love bloom and relationships grow. Togetherness stirs up happy feelings but it can also cause hurt.

When hurt turns to pain, people become upset, so Couples Counseling, also known as relationship counseling, brings peace and love back into the relationship. A couple’s therapist creates space for both partners to be heard and to learn new ways of communicating and connecting with their partner.

I offer Couples Counseling addressing a variety of topics for couples in the Tigard, OR area.

What is the difference between relationship counseling and couples counseling? 

Does communication feel like being on a roller coaster? Has trust in your relationship been broken?


Couples Counseling

There is no is difference between the type of counseling received. The terms are interchangeable. A Relationship Therapist and a Couple’s Therapist provides the same type of treatment. They look for ways to help the couple improve their relationship whether it be communication, conflict, infidelity, or trust issues. The treatment is all the same. If you're looking for a couples therapist, my office is located in Tigard, and I serve clients in the surrounding areas.

Cancellations must be made 24-48 hours in advance to avoid full charges.

Cancellation Policy

Clients wishing to use their insurance will be provided a Statement of Service so they may bill their insurance company directly. Please note the reimbursable amount is set by the insurance company.


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Typical session length is 50 minutes. Pillars of Hope Counseling also offers 90 minute sessions for couples who may need longer times. Family sessions are 90 minutes.


  • Stonewalling or criticism is present
  • Relationship feels like two roommates sharing space
  • Fighting because of jealousy or doubt
  • Frequent and prolonged arguments
  • Couples feel like they are speaking two different languages
  • Unable to be heard by partner during conflict
  • Broken trust
  • Infidelity
  • Sexual or romantic issues
  • Parenting concerns

Reasons Why Couples Seek Help

Benefits To Couples Therapy

  • Study partner’s love language
  • Heal hurts before becoming toxic
  • Begin preparation for marriage
  • Builds a deeper connection
  • Learn how to be vulnerable 
  • Able to discuss money, sex, or family
  • Learn assertive communication skills
  • Improve trust and safety in the relationship
  • Confront tough concern

To learn more or start the process, request an appointment, email me, or text or call directly at 503-841-2142

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Couples Counseling heals small and large wounds occurring within the relationship. It fosters growth because couples begin to move towards one another instead of turning away. Turning towards each other creates a healthy relationship and helps the relationship get better. Turning away indicates trouble because partner’s want to be right instead of finding ways to agree.

It’s important to know every relationship has conflict. Many couples date for a while and find out they argue a lot then break up. This doesn’t mean they were not a good fit. It means they did not talk about why they were fighting and find ways to fix the problem. Some partners hold grudges when they feel wronged. These grudges often turn to bitterness. Learning to talk with partner instead of family changes the relationship because it brings the partners together. This is what Couples Counseling does. If you're interested in working together and getting help for your relationship, my office is in Tigard, and I work with couples in the Lake Oswego, OR area and virtually.

How Couples Counseling Helps

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Five Key Points for Relational Happiness

Openness to express one’s feelings
Commitment to change and growth
Accepting and receiving vulnerabilities
Willingness to take risks
Being honest and faithful

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Couples learn these skills through therapy and working with a counselor. It’s not about taking sides or deciding who is right or wrong.

All behavior is learned and can be changed. Our family is our first social circle and if we never saw our parents talk about their concerns, how can we expect to know how to do these things with our partner thus creating issues in our relationships.

An important aspect of couples therapy is hearing and wanting to be heard by your partner. Couples learn how to listen and see their partner’s point of view because it’s important that each partner hears what is being said.

We will work on building better ways to tell partner about needs thus promoting happiness in the relationship. Will reduce fighting thus leading to better ways of talking about difficult situations. For couples with children, we will work together to learn co-parenting skills and create consistency for the children.

Approach To Couples Counseling

My approach to working with couples is strength based. Couples counseling creates a safe space for each partner to be free and to share thoughts. In every session partners freely express their feelings, such as joy or anger. Discussing these feelings prevents conflicts from arising. Each partner’s needs will be processed and discussed. Couples counseling teaches skills to build a better relationship.

These skills come from three main sources:

The Gottman Method - Which focuses on removing criticism and defensiveness from the relationship so couples better understand their partner.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy - CBT focuses on how false beliefs impact the couple’s relationship. It’s used to help the couple identify their core values thus shaping their relationship.

Family Systems - Is used to learn about each partner's family. Families can be open or closed. These types of systems affect current relationships.

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  • More intense and escalated fights
  • Fights lasting longer
  • It doesn’t feel like both partners are on the same page
  • Sexual fulfillment has changed or decreased
  • Finding it harder and harder to trust partner
  • Not sure how to move to the next steps in the relationship
  • Having issues or concerns about partners family or friends

Signs That It's Time To Contact A Couples Counselor

It takes a lot of courage to reach out to a stranger for help. How long couple counseling lasts depends upon the couple and the concerns. Every couple is unique. Some couples may also decide to do individual counseling during or after couples counseling. To learn more or start the process, request an appointment, email me, or text or call directly at 503-841-2142

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Provides a framework for separating and/or divorced parents to discuss concerns regarding their children and reach collaborative agreements.

Divorced parents learn new ways and strategies to approach each other and learn how to become friends now that the relationship has changed. The counseling focuses on helping parents raise their children as a team in a collaborative environment. This means replicating routines, boundaries, and expectations in both households.

Negotiating holidays and vacation time. Discussing the children’s needs respectfully, with empathy, and understanding.

Do conversations with the other co-parent end abruptly? Is it difficult to agree on decisions? Parenting children can be difficult. Parents want to create a safe and secure home life for their children.

Maintaining such an environment becomes harder when parents live in different households.

Miscommunications can lead to stress. Many ex-couples find themselves using the children as messengers. This is unhealthy and can cause friction between children and parents.

Co-Parenting Counseling

  1. Teach parents assertive and open communication to quickly resolve conflicts.
  2. Create common rules, boundaries, and expectations for the children.
  3. Address issues regarding custody, scheduling, or behavioral concerns.
  4. Gain problem-solve tools to ensure decisions are in the best interest of their children.
  5. Model healthy relationships for the children.
  6. Learn how to approach each other differently now that the relationship has ended.

Six Things Co-Parenting Counseling Seeks To Do

Many of the same tools as marriage and couples counseling are used. You will learn how to talk to their ex-spouse without anger.

Tools Used

  • Divorced Parents
  • Separated Parents
  • Never Married Parents
  • Parents needing a parenting plan

Who Needs Co-Parenting Counseling

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LEarn more >

The purpose of a parenting plan is to create a detailed plan of how parents will continue to care for and provide for their children.

Parenting Plan

It can be as detailed or vague as parents want. The important piece is everyone agrees on the items in the plan. It reduces the chances of one parent becoming the disciplinarian and one becoming the Disney parent.

Kids need consistency. A parenting plan discusses what days and times each parent has their kids.

When and where drop off and pickups occur. How vacation and holidays work. It lists out bedtime and even what foods are to be made. 

Parenting Plan

Tools from the Gottman Institute include compromise and problem-solving skills. Working with an ex to create a healthy childhood is important because kids don’t care if parents aren’t living together.

They just want to be loved.

Tools Used

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